Deliverables Due 4/4/22

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Deliverables Due 4/4/22
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Prior to the first presentation, all teams must submit the below deliverables. Teams that do not will receive an automatic 20pt deduction from their over all score during judging. You can find some example final presentation Github repositories and projects at The full schedule for the event can be viewed here.

Github Repository Link posted to Discord “#general” Channel before Presentations on 4/4/22

Due Monday 4/4 by 6:00p(EST)/5:00p(CT)/3:00p(PT) *NOTE: If not posted by due date and time 20pt automatic deduction from final judging score.

Deliverables Check List:

  • Github Repository Repository Link Posted to the HackHPC Discord “#general” Channel
    • Source code Including Comments
    • PDF of presentation
      • Team members with pictures
      • Use of HPC technology in the project
    • with a project description

Note: Registration for this hackathon does not automatically register you for the ADMI Symposium.

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