Data to Dashboard Training

Je'aime Powell Je'aime Powell Follow Mar 26, 2022 · 1 min read
Data to Dashboard Training
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HackHPC’s “Data to Dashboard” pre-event training took place on March 26th, 2022 as a part of the ADMI22 Symposium. The event was hosted by Organizer Je’aime Powell. The session provided information on the developmental cycle required to create a digital dashboard from collected data as well as HackHPC@ADMI22 general information.

A “dashboard” in terms of an information systems object is a tool used to display/track/analyze collected data in a format that directly answers certain business or scientific questions. The creation of such dashboards requires a cyclical developmental process of Design, Collection, Carpentry, Code, and Feedback. For a successful/useful dashboard cycle certain key questions must be addressed. Those include: Who is the target audience?, What question are you answering from the data?, When temporally will connections between the dash and data be made?, Where will the dashboard and resulting dataset be hosted/stored?, and Why is the dashboard/dashboard component necessary? This session addressed these questions in relation to the creation of a DASH-based dashboard application.

Training resources: [Slide Deck] [Video]
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Je'aime Powell
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Je’aime is a Systems Administrator and a researcher at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. When not working on high-perfomance/cloud compute systems or mentoring students you can find him designing, creating, and/or deploying enviromental sensors.