Google Cloud Patform and Cloudy Cluster Training

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Google Cloud Patform and Cloudy Cluster Training
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HackHPC’s “Google Cloud Patform and Cloudy Cluster” pre-event training took place on March 26th, 2022 as a part of the ADMI22 Symposium. The event was hosted by Organizer Boyd Wilson. The session provided information on how to use the Google Cloud Platform and Cloudy Cluster Service as well as HackHPC@ADMI22 general information.

In this lab, you create a complete turn-key High Performance Computing (HPC) environment in Google Cloud. This environment will provide the familiar look and feel of on-prem HPC systems but with the added elasticity and scalability of Google Cloud.

In this lab you see how CloudyCluster can easily create HPC/HTC jobs that will run on-prem or in CloudyCluster on Google Cloud. You can rely on the familiar look and feel of a standard HPC environment while embracing the capabilities and elasticity of Google Cloud. The HPC jobs can be easily configured to support many instance types including GPU, preemptible, and any number of memory & CPU configurations. You will always have the latest computational technology at your fingertips.

With CloudyCluster, users can now take advantage of the GUI developed by Open OnDemand. In this lab you will be able to experience many of the Open OnDemand HPC tools. Upload and download files with a file browser-like interface. Draft job scripts with the built-in web editor. Spin-up new computing instances and have them tear down automatically after your specified work window. The current release includes JupyterLab via JupyterHub and Cloudy desktop capabilities.

As part of Google Cloud and CloudyCluster you have a vast array of storage technologies available to you. In this lab you will take advantage of High Performance Parallel Storage for job execution.

Training resources: [Video]

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