Faculty Hackathon at Gateways22

Training Sessions:
September 15th - October 13th, 2022

Poster Session:
October 18th, 2022


The FacultyHack@Gateway2022 will involve five(5) teams of two(2) Computer Science faculty or one(1) Computer Science and one(1) related discipline area faculty are encouraged to submit applications. Faculty will adapt High-Performance Computing (HPC) tools for use in their courses. They will leave with "ready-to-go" course outlines, supporting data, and identified resources. Each team will be assigned a technical mentor to help with this process. Teams completing all three(3) challenges receive a $500(USD) honorarium.
Check-ins take place the first 20 minutes of each training session to access team progress and provide suggestions for success. During the check-ins, teams will have 2-3 minutes to give their updates.


   1. A completely revised course description with implementation schedule.
   2. Assignment of a Gateways community mentor to provide use cases, resources and next step suggestions.
   3. Robust access to HPC resources for research and instruction.
   4. Opportunities to collaborate with other HPC educators and technical personnel.
   5. Understanding of how to collaborate with an educator at their institution on HPC course revisions.


   1. Attending all HPC training sessions
   2. Gateways 2022 conference attendance
   3. Poster presentation of revised courses

Faculty Teams:


The FacultyHack@Gateways 2022 hosted is sponsored by SGCI and hosted by HackHPC.org. More information about other HackHPC.org events can be found below.

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